Sanitary Construction traces its roots back to the 19th century and still flourishes in the 21st century. Founded in 1885 by Michael Cervino, the firm first completed projects for the Erie Railroad. Later incorporated as Sanitary Construction under the leadership of Michael’s three sons William, Michael, and Anthony, the business successfully took on a range of water, sewer, drainage and road projects that made it one of the most active and successful construction companies in Northern New Jersey. Following World War II, Anthony and his wife Margaret took over the business, further enhancing its reputation for completing challenging work on time and within budget.

After Anthony’s death in 1969, Margaret took over and managed the company. Surprising many as a woman successfully operating in a traditionally male domain, her management skills won over bankers and bonding agents. She competitively bid jobs and supervised quality work, all while raising four sons. Focusing on municipal and public work, Sanitary expanded its market to include projects in South and Central New Jersey, building some of the first utility systems in the area. A respected and admired business leader, Margaret Cervino died in 2000. However, the proud traditions of her company continue in the hands of her children and grandchildren.

In recent years, the company has diversified by transitioning its focus to large scale site development projects for residential and commercial clients. This method of turn-key construction allows Sanitary to carry a project from concept through completion, while also broadening its client base.